About Us

Eneida França has transformed a passion into a business opportunity and for 18 years she has been creating pieces of good taste for the national and international semi-jewelry market.

Eneida says she started by making a jewelry collection for a children’s clothing store and soon realized the pleasure in matching colors and shapes to create accessories. A few years later, she chose the semi-jewelry segment and established her style as a designer.

Her atelier is in Barra da Tijuca, a neighborhood with beautiful beaches in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where Eneida can reconcile work with the practice of water sports , as she sees the importance of being in contact with nature every day and also with animals, which is another passion that guides her. Eneida is vegan, a choice that she made while still young.

Since 2010, she has been taking part in international fairs such as BIJORHCA in Paris, and the Circuit and Accessorie in New York, as well as national events such as VEST RIO and Minas Trend, in Brazil. The company Eneida França received the Rio Export award in 2012 for the foreign market operation company category.

The main concern is quality, “the parts need to be well finished and look like jewels” but being still attentive to environmental sustainability, which makes Eneida carefully choose its raw materials and certified suppliers.

Mission – The development of semi-jewels with exclusive design, offering products of quality and beauty, building and increasing customers’ self esteem ,providing moments of happiness.


– Design of exclusive pieces.
– Selection of high quality material.
– Selection of suppliers and partners committed to the same principles.
– Commitment to the sustainability of our manufacturing processes.
– Appreciation of the work environment.

Vision – Participation in international fairs, presenting and marketing our products in all five continents of the planet as well as recovering and developing Brazilian domestic market.


The semi-jewelry designer Eneida França,received the Rio Export Award in the Micro and Small Business Feature category in August 2012.

The Prize is a partnership between the Firjan System, Banco do Brasil,Sebrae-RJ and Secex. Its objective is to enhance and stimulate the presence of the industries of Rio de Janeiro in the international market.